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1420 N 10th St.
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410

Tel: 402.873.3304
Fax: 402.873.6307

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    Meet Our Team

    Candace Oakes
    Director of Activities
    [email protected]

    Chasity Coover
    [email protected]

    Jessica Glover
    Director of Social Services
    [email protected]

    Lindsey Klassen
    Nursing Scheduler Coordinator
    [email protected]

    Ashley Kreifels
    Director of Assisted Living
    [email protected]

    Megan Cornelison
    Director of Nursing
    [email protected]

    Natasha Eden
    Dietary Manager
    [email protected]

    Cassie Royal
    Business Office Manager / HR
    [email protected]

    Michelle Garvin
    MDS / Restorative Nursing Coordinator
    [email protected]

    Renae Wigington
    Medical Records Coordinator
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    Cindy Bowersmith
    Environmental Services
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    Brad Garvin
    Maintenance Director
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    Jennifer Bryant
    Transportation Manager
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    For current information about Covid status please visit our Covid Hub
    We regret to inform you that we have residents that have tested positive with the COVID-19 Virus. These tests were completed d/t our increased monitoring. We have completed further testing and have sent to the lab for confirmation. We have notified the individuals and they are in isolation. We have notified the appropriate agencies as required.
    We are continuing increased monitoring as well as anyone who shows or complaints of any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.
    We have suspended smoking in the foreseeable future to attempt to decreased our possible infection spread.
    We are taking steps as per the recommendations of the Infection Control Assessment and Promotion Program (ICAP) Team.
    We will continue our routine testing of staff and residents as mandated by the our Federal and State Agencies.
    We will notify any responsible party of any change in condition, as always. We will also notify any individual/responsible party in addition to our local, state, and CDC of any abnormal test result.
    Please call the facility if you have any questions or would like an update on your family member. But please remember we can only give out information to those we are legally permitted to do so.
    We continue to remain free from any clusters of 3 or more of staff or resident's with respiratory symptoms in a 72-hour period.
    We are not reopening outside visitation d/t our recent positive COVID-19 test results.
    We will keep you updated as to when visitation will be reinstated.
    We will continue to have compassionate care visits which will be made by appointment after the approval from Administrator and/or Director of Nursing.
    Please continue to reach our residents for Zoom visits and phone calls.
    We will continue to keep you informed weekly or sooner if needed.
    We will be following CMS guidelines for resident visitation. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change depending continuing changing circumstances and guidelines from our governing agencies.
    We will continue monitoring residents, staff, and all essential workers per CDC guidelines, as we have been doing. These guidelines include, but are not limited to:
    • Maintaining social distancing
    • Continuing our enhanced infection control protocols
    • Screening staff health status prior to entering the Community
    • Increasing the frequency of health assessments for residents
    • Dedicating staff to serve those who may be at higher risk
    • Engaging residents in individualized activities to meet their social needs
    • Expanding use of Personal Protection Equipment (masks, face shield, gowns etc.)
    We know that you may have questions and we encourage you to contact our center by emailing us to the following address: [email protected] or by calling: 402-320-2070.
    Please reach out to us at any time if you'd like to schedule a video conference with your loved one. We are happy to help.
    As always please remember good hand hygiene, face masks, and social distancing. (This is the only way to defeat this Virus)
    Chasity Coover
    Prestige Care Center Of Nebraska City